J88PT Korea is coming back this July with lots of fun events and high guarantees!

Key Tournaments & Event Schedule:

Dates: July 16 – 18, 2021

Total Guarantee: 660,000,000p 

Main Event
Guarantee 320,000,000p GTD / Champion guarantee 100,000,000p / Buy-in 5 coupons

Mega High Roller
Guarantee 100,000,000p GTD / Buy-in 25 coupons

KO Bounty
Guarantee 30,000,000p GTD / Buy-in 4 coupons

High Roller
Guarantee 100,000,000p GTD / Buy-in 10 coupons

Charity Event
Guarantee 30,000,000p GTD

Single Day High Roller
Guarantee 50,000,000p GTD / Buy-in 8 coupons

Ladies Event
Guarantee 10,000,000p GTD / Buy-in 3 coupons

Day1 Schedule (June 26th – July 11th)

2021.06.26 – Main Event Day 1A
Location: Black Lady (Cheonan), Win Pub (Busan)

2021.06.27 – Main Event Day 1B
Location: Oasis Pub (Daegu), The Holic(Busan Myongji)

2021.07.03 – Main Event Day 1C
Location: PartyX (Cheonan), JPT (Busan Seomyeon)

2021.07.04 – Main Event Day 1D
Location: Oasis Pub (Daegu), The Holic(Cheonan), JPT (Yangsan)

2021.07.10 – Main Event Day 1E
Location: Count Lounge (Seoul Magok), Monaco (Incheon)

2021.07.11 – Main Event Day 1F
Location: Oasis Pub (Daegu), Monster Holdem Pub (Seoul), Everybody Holdem King Pub (Ilsan), Made (Wonju)

Main Tournaments  (July 16th – 18th)

Location: Announce later


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